Megan L. 


I visited this place the other day and was so fascinated by their services! I really like the interior design since that is the first thing I see and check when I visit restaurants and I’m very impressed by their designs. It was really relaxing to be in Blu On Park since the space is so wide and you won’t ever feel cramped. I was alone that time but nevertheless, I enjoyed my time since the services were really good. 


Eunice G. 


My friends and I became regular customers of Blu On Park. Actually, we only used to hang out in the lounge whenever we want to meet and wait for each other. But one time, we decided to dine inside since we’re so close to the restaurant anyway. We are so glad that we did because the place was really awesome and we regretted not trying to dine in before. The lounge still became our meeting place since we love the large space it occupies and the food on Blu On Park were so amazing that we did not hesitate to come back again and again.  


Jay D. 


It was a fascinating place, Blu On Park, and I had an amazing time dining there. I never thought there would be other places that can replace my favorite steakhouse but Blu On Park proved me wrong! They were actually better than the one I grew to love. Now, I have a new place to visit in New York City.  


Van G. 


My friends and family treated me for my birthday in this place. I never really knew about Blu On Park but thanks to them, I was able to discover it and know that there are other great restaurants in Milwaukee! I’m very sure I will be coming back here after my birthday.  


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