Hello, I just want to ask something before I come to your place. Are you open 24/7 or do you have opening and closing hours? 


Hi, thank you for sending us your question and planning to visit our place. We’re sorry to say, but we are not open 24/7. Blu On Park, however, is open from Mondays to Sundays and will be accepting customers from 8 am to 11 pm. You are very welcome to visit us and have breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. The bar is open every night as well. 


Do you accept online orders from customers and deliver it to them? If yes, how can we make orders? 


Thank you for asking us! Yes, we do accept orders from customers and deliver it to their homes. If you’d like, you may just go to the ‘online order’ tab and the website will give you instructions on how to message us through this site. You may also just call us or send us a message through email that is given in the contact section.  


Do you have free parking? 


Yes, the Blu On Park branches has free parking for all of our customers. No one needs to worry about paying for the parking lots. 


Hello, do you have other branches aside from the one in New York City? If yes, where can I find your branches? 


Hi, thank you so much for sending us your question. Yes, we do have other branches than the one in New York City. If you want, you can visit us in Milwaukee and Phoenix. We’ll be soon ready to put up our branch in Michigan as well so be ready for that and please anticipate our opening! If you are in these places and want to know the specific address, go to our location tab and you’ll see where to find us. 

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